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Perfect Duet, the comm for all things Master and Commander: Books and Movie, will be celebrating the Advent and Christmas season with a new version of the Advent Calendar 2016.

We cannot do it alone, so we invite you to join in the fun.

How it works:
1) For Dreamwidth, please comment at Perfect Duet here or at Perfect Duet’s sister comm on Livejournal to pick a date.
2) We'll add your name to the list. If someone's already claimed that date, we'll ask you to pick another.
3) If there are still dates left in a few days, you can sign up for additional dates.
4) Spread the word! Let people on tumblr and elsewhere know about the sign-up post!
5) On your assigned day, post something here (and/or at the dreamwidth comm) that's related to Master and Commander. It could be fic, podfic, art, vids, craftwork, meta, recs, anything that will brighten your fellow Aubreyad fans' day. (If you want to post elsewhere you can - just let us know so we can post a link to it here. We'll crosspost links from LJ to DW and vice versa.)

Pray sign up.

We are all looking forward to hearing from you.
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Post your prompts here at [personal profile] sharpiefan. Any character/s, pairing and prompt welcome. Prompts posting closes on the 2nd November, fics are due on the 30th November.

(Cross-posted pretty much everywhere - sorry for spamming your reading pages!)
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Author: [personal profile] sharpiefan
Fandom/Canon: Master & Commander
Spoilers: Master & Commander
Word count: 2083
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Jack, Stephen, Captain Howard, the Marines
Author's Note: (Do you guys have any idea how hard it is to write about a Marine captain without unintentionally referring to the Captain of the ship?!)
This fic was finally finished at five to two in the morning, and (not having my copy of the M&C DVD with me) there are bound to be inaccuracies and things about which I really should know better. I was asked to write about the Stephen-gets-shot scene, which I found quite a challenge at first, hence the delay between the request and the post... But here it is, finally, in all its glory.
Disclaimer: I like playing in the M&C sandbox. However, it isn't mine and I don't own it, the characters or the situations. (I have named Thompson, however, though he is one of the nameless Marines who appear on screen in the film). I think Peter Weir is a fanboy who would be amused by the fact we love his film the way we do. POB would be surprised, however...

To the story


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